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Crowds of seniors gathered at the Olympic stadium in Beijing beginning on Monday to chase rumors of a long-lost fortune.

Rather than enjoying the view and snapping photos like typical tourists at the Bird’s Nest stadium, they whispered furtively to one another while looking down at their phones, The Beijing News reported Wednesday.

' Stephen Chow' drinks a martini shaken not stirred like James Bond.

He also does this in a similar fashion to ' Tony Leung' in "Chungking Express" [See: _Chung hing sam lam (1994)_].

Discover Beijing & China with Middlebury Interactive Languages It would be a shame to come to China and not experience the culture and sites that define it.

That’s why we organize trips for students throughout the week and on every weekend.

Field Trips As part of the program, students will participate in day trips on the weekend to travel to locations outside of the city.

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The entire operation was funded by “unfreezing national assets” recovered from overseas, the group administrators said, and members were promised rewards for their small initial investment. On Tuesday, state news agency Xinhua reported that the Ministry of Public Security had busted 14 groups and detained 204 suspects involved in deceptive investment schemes since launching a crackdown in October. For the initiated, the marrow is still easily accessible, this little bit of meat has been described as the “butter of the gods.” These little guys even have that same lip-smacking goodness characteristic of the best ribs back in the States. For a comparison, Tobasco sauce is 2,500-5000 Scovilles. The meat will fall easily off the bone with a little assistance from your fingers.According to The Beijing News, the scam originated in a chat group on messaging app We Chat called “Benevolent Enrichment Society,” which first appeared on April 21.The group administrators advertised that members could earn 50,000 yuan (,250) for every 10 yuan they paid in registration fees if they attended a 200,000-strong gathering at the stadium.

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