Dating how to get him to commit

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Although there are women who are afraid of being tied up in a relationship, males are often the ones who are under so much heat when it comes to commitments.To the defense of the male population, some relationships may not be worth investing in, and it takes time to find the perfect partner.If you want him to take the relationship seriously, you need to address your issues.Let him see why he wouldn’t want to miss the chance to have a future with you.Men, like women, also want to make sure that the person they are dating is the one they want to spend a lifetime with.Perhaps, your man does not say that he loves you yet because he does not want to be the “I love you slut.” He does want to be that guy who blurts “I love you” too early in a relationship because he wants to make sure that you feel the same way too. You love sex with him, but more than that, you love spending your time with him.

However, he has not committed himself to you fully YET.

If you have found the man you want to end up with and you want to clue him in that you want to be his choice, not an option, you can try to convince him.

If you need some pointers on how to get a man to commit, here are 23 ways to make him realize how much he really wants you to be in his future.

Jetting off with nothing but a bikini and the promise of a postcard gives him a small taste of life minus you.

Plus, the freedom to flirt when you're ostensibly single cuts both ways, and if he's into you, that'll stick in his craw.

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