Dating rituals in other countries

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Every religion and culture has what outsiders consider odd traditions or rites of passage, but which seem perfectly acceptable to true believers.Every religion has ceremonies and practices that mark life’s milestones: birth, marriage, the transition to adulthood, and death, many of which may sound unusual to non-practitioners.Family Matters In the US, our dating custom is to bring a girl home to meet the parents and friends only when the relationship becomes serious.However, in other cultures, family approval is important from the get-go.The attendees walk slowly out to their cars and form a single file line a behind the hearse, arriving at the graveyard where they place roses on the casket just before it’s lowered into the ground.Then, they proceed to the immediate family’s home, where the doorbell rings with a steady stream of loved ones — casserole dishes in hand — since, in the days ahead, people often forget to eat.They do this with painful piercings around the body, including the tongue.

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