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If you are interested in the history of radio and on holiday in Verona a good way to spend an afternoon would be to visit The Museo della Radio D'epoca. Mainly Italian sets of course, but quite a few American, German and British radios. See the website (currently under construction) about 1927 radios tended to look like pieces of scientific equipment, with the valves sticking out of the top or the front of the set, they often had two or more calibrated dial knobs and were used with headphones or a separate loudspeaker.It is located in the Instituto Industriale Statale on the other side of the road leading to Juliet's tomb, a favorite site for tourists. Until this time valve radios only used triode valves which generally had 4 pin bases.I hope you find it interesting and that you will let me know of any errors and useful information to add.Note that this page relates mainly to valve (or tube) radios, if you have a transistor radio it would have been made after 1954, but much more likely to be after 1960.The first transistor radios were marketed in the US in 1964 OK. It’s a handy thing to have even if you don’t know how to read one. Rider published radio schematics from the late 20’s through the early 50’s and many, many sets are covered. Sams began publishing schematics after the second world war and still publishes them today.So you have a handle on how old your radio MIGHT be. Both are great resources, and if you can find your radio in their data you’ll find the year of manufacture of your radio. To find your schematic you’ll need the model or chassis number of your radio.When we see it, we get the sensation that we are traveling back in time.The cabinets are done in a very showy green, and topped with a countertop in black.

And now that we've gotten that little sermon out of the way, on to the methods for identifying your radio . Model numbers can include any combination of letters and numbers, and they may be long or short, although most are from two to six characters in length.

This apartment, dating back to 1961, was designed by Super Limão.

In it, we can appreciate an industrial style predominant in the decoration, and in which we can see, among other things, how the steel pipes containing the electrical installations are exposed and are part of the décor.

It’s often the largest number printed on the back of the radio cabinet.

If the back is missing, the chassis number will be printed on the back of the chassis (the big metal box that the tubes and wires are sticking out of).

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