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Not to come across as overly stereotypical, but the majority of local women seem to have a truly “GCP mentality”: That of an overly inflated sense of self-worth and a very large sense of entitlement.Specific examples would be that during the dating process, they will only consider guys that are good looking, in good shape / not fat, and have a high paying and stable job.Its female-friendly features help women find serious daters.Are you tired of playing around and want to get serious with your relationship?This will save you lots of money over the store price and enormous amounts over the bar price.Unfortunately the duty-free allowance is only 1 bottle of booze (1 liter), 1 bottle of wine (750 ml), 3 bottles of beer (330 ml each), and cigarettes.

The profile of the women I have met range a bit: – ages ranging between mid-20s to early-30s – appearance wise all above average, none overweight – educational level mostly university graduates – wealth level varied In my interactions with some female friends, and also hearing comments from my male friends as to their interactions with better educated local females, I feel quite turned-off by these local women in general.Singapore, a tiny nation-state at the southern tip of Malaysia, is really on the rise these days.A haven for big banking and other big money businesses it is quickly, along with Hong Kong, turning into the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia.BOON SIM: In recent months, I have been going out with various local girls/women on dates.I meet them either via Tinder/OKC or through friends introductions.

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