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Free to play browser RTS/RPG Wartune makes something very clear through its advertising: it is FOR MEN ONLY. But, in fairness, for the couple of hours I stuck with it, I didn’t need to pay for anything to continue through its bland emptiness. So I thought, equipped with the right qualifications, I’d better take a look. Let’s take a look at some of that advertising, now that all the pesky ladies aren’t reading, eh fellows? Battles are so astonishingly uninvolved and perfunctory that the needlessness of your special abilities is entirely irrelevant, since the chances of a fight lasting long enough for you to have a turn are pretty slim. Even when you reach tougher baddies, there’s still absolutely no need to interact. It doesn’t, however, give you any freebies of its real-world pretend currency, which extra advantages gradually start to need.Overview Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius is a visual novel / wargame mashup with a sci-fi anime theme.You play from the perspective of captain Kayto Shields of the starship Sunrider as he battles the evil space commies with the help of his sexy female crew.Many games now also feature voice acting and greater interactivity via the touchscreen among other features.

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Title screen About Visual Novels This year I'm aiming to review a visual novel every month.A visual novel in its basic form is a dating game with static 2D artwork, a choose your own adventure mechanism, and multiple endings.There are variations that are less interactive (a story where you just click 'next' to continue) and variations with complex gameplay (typically minigames or turn-based combat).Let’s face it, modern dating can be pretty disappointing for both sexes, but for girls who value good old-fashioned romance, it’s particularly dire.Japan hasn’t escaped the plague of impersonal online dating apps and with modern Japanese guys (allegedly) said to be increasingly disinterested in pursuing romance, it’s hard out there for girls who are tired of waiting for Prince Charming.

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