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Sherry loved her adopted home in the Arizona desert, serving as a board volunteer and contributor for the Desert Foothills Library and supporting local community artists.A successful businesswoman and published author, she enjoyed international travel in her free time.

Cuz I no longer want to see any of my soldiers get killed by police… Proudly saying they killed another brother this week…That said, there were a lot of burns thrown in his direction.Still, the host of “Full Frontal” spared no one, and that's what makes her one of the most skilled political comedy writers in the world and one of the best hosts in late night television right now.Guiding you through the infernal nightscapes of 21st century Los Angeles, Miami and New York, his voice is convincingly in and of that world, ‘out there’ like a malevolent doppelganger, partaking of forbidden draughts, ‘smelling the drugs’, and implicating you in its excesses.The agency his poetry advocates reminds me of Baudelaire’s elaborate nastiness in ‘The Bad Glazier’, or even of Virgil encouraging Dante to contribute to the torments of those in Hell rather than alleviate them.

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