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Above: Breakfast is a meal worth commemorating in Portland, as this diner captures a photo of his meal at Sweedeedee.

Click to play: See why no other city in the country takes its morning meal as seriously as Portland.

Mustaches, feathered hair, smoking, orange decor, and wood paneling ruled the day.Did you get that phone number/email address/press release/oddball memento? (That little pink-wrapped chunk of Hubba Bubba bubble gum from As usual, Fertile Ground boss Nicole Lane kept things on a strict schedule, and by evening’s end we hadn’t got around to talking to everyone. But she spent the first two decades of her career traveling the world as a street musician, and part of her career has evolved into a kind of creative journalism, listening to and passing along stories from the edges as she seeks out and records dialects of all sorts for her voice work. Now’s the time, she says, to see how people who are awakening and focusing like never before can direct that collective mental energy. A few no doubt got caught up at other tables and ran out of time. Some, we imagine, didn’t show up at all: they’re not the dating kind. 29; Curious Comedy Theater * CRACKIN’ THE CODE: A COMEDY OF QUESTIONABLE MORALS Playwright and director Steve Coker’s works off the belief that “men are worthless until they’re 35.” Bill is caught in a love triangle with his best friend and his best friend’s soon to be ex-wife. Coker is a script doctor and part of Stage Works Ink, where he wrote the critically acclaimed musical World premiere. All of that goes into , her solo show about the global homeless crisis. Appropriately set in a yoga studio, this performance by the seasoned Hand2Mouth alum will feature some new original music composed by Helma, some audience interaction via notecards, and plenty of self-reflection about how we currently feel, and what can or should be done. C., San Francisco and Chicago and will continue to six more markets.In December, I’ll rank my destinations based on such factors as creativity, tradition and community.

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