Updating jtree

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*/ protected void update Tree() /** * Returns the options for this node and its subtree.* new Document Listener(this); Property Change Listener(this); Caret Listener(this); tree Model = new Element Tree Model(new Doc); Model(tree Model); } } // Property Change Listener /** * Invoked when a property changes.Unfortunately they are very busy lately and have not had the time to review my work.My intent is to bring to light some of the subtleties of the Defaul Tree Model API that are not covered in the Java tutorial on JTree.Nodes that are contained at multiple locations may not dynamically change because the event is only fired for a specific location although in fact all locations have changed.This decreases the usefulness of having the same node at multiple locations.The query methods may not fire events (the handling of inspecting code and Tree Model Listener would be impossibly complicated if it were allowed).

*/ protected void update() /** * Parses the given option and adds the generated parts to the parent.

We are only interested in when the * Document changes to reset the Document Listener.

Learn how our document data model can map directly to how you program your app, and native database features like secondary indexes, geospatial and text search give you full access to your data. This is a draft of a small tutorial I have been attempting to submit to Sun for inclusion in the official Java tutorial.

At first glance the child modification methods like add() and remove() from Default Mutable Tree Node look as if they overlap with the insert Node Into() and remove Node From Parent() from Defaul Tree Model.

When the methods from Default Tree Model are used events are fired that update any JTree this model may be associated with.

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