Who is guinevere turner dating

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A source tells the publication, "Everything just clicked.Tracy and Guin are in love and excited to start a new chapter in their lives."They're undecided on where to make their permanent base, but they're looking at homes in Los Angeles and San Francisco."Chapman was last romantically linked to The Color Purple author Alice Walker in the mid-1990s, while Turner was recently said to be dating The L Word's writer/director Rose Troche.I'm a fan of stories where lesbians are just living their lives like everyone else - working, cheating, being parents and lovers. I am also completely delighted to be working with brilliant director Campbell X!" She will be playing Jude, a sassy American journalist who works for DIVA (!She also played Alice’s odious on-off girlfriend, Gabby, in the L Word, as well as writing for the show.Guinevere’s thrilled to join the DFG cast: "It's very exciting to be to be a part of Different for Girls.AG: We could probably sit here and have one of our infamous chat-downs but I'm thinking maybe I should ask you more interview-y type questions like "do you consider yourself more a writer or an actress? It's difficult for me because in real life I'm kind of a reserved person. And so I don't know what makes me think that once a camera is turned on, that's just going to go away. GT: My theory about why famous actors have notoriously have such huge egos is because to be an actor is about humiliating yourself and being rejected over and over.You just put yourself out there as a visual entity.

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It’s time for another exciting cast announcement from the team behind Different For Girls, the web series about the lives and betrayals of a group of queer women living in London.

The Fast Car hitmaker was introduced to The L Word star Turner by a mutual friend earlier this year, and the stars are said to have hit it off immediately.

The insider says, "Guin introduced Tracy as her girlfriend to her movie's entire cast and crew." And the women are so happy, they are looking to take their relationship to the next step and find a home together.

According to Wikipedia: Guinevere Turner is an American actress, writer and director. Amongst other recent films, she starred in the 1997 British BDSM/fetish comedy film Preaching to the Perverted as the New York dominatrix "Tanya Cheex".

, that Guinevere Turner, will be, or at least should be, a movie star. I don't know what I feel about that--except I love attention!

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